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Golden Betta Winner; Ivars of Edmonds

Carlie Supervies a Happy Bunch of Clams at Ivar's Edmonds WA
Golden Betta Award Winner!

Carlie Reels in Ivar's Customers with a Smile

Golden Betta Award Winner

Ivar's Seafood Bar
General Manager, Carlie
9910 Edmonds Way, Edmonds, WA
(425) 672-2640 ·

We went to Ivar's of Edmonds, WA for lunch recently, (12/14/2012,) and we had a wonderful experience!
I was looking forward to having fresh seafood, served with the best tartar sauce in the world, on a rare lunch date with my husband, Phil. Thank you to Carlie, general manager, for a truly friendly visit to the local Ivar's Seafood Bar. Her bright smile, and wonderful, caring personality made for a memorable visit.

Carlie's busy staff exchanged smiles and friendly banter as they filled orders. Clearly; this was a happy crew. Carlie's love of people is obvious, as she smiles broadly, greeting regulars, and new faces, alike. She made our lunch with at Ivar's an even better occasion, with her genuine welcome. Who can resist becoming a regular at the local Ivar's, with the best seafood in Edmonds, served with love and pride?

Continuing Ivar's Tradition

Our visit reminded me of visiting Ivar's Acres of Clams when I was a little girl. My Dad, Robert Rank, A.G.O, was the organist and music director of the University Congregational Church, and Mom and Dad would take me with my older sister, Una, with them to the choir's annual Christmas dinner down at
Ivar's Acres of Clams at the Seattle Waterfront.

Of course, Ivar Haglund himself came to the party, and since I was the only small child there, I ended up on his lap! He made us all feel like dear friends, while singing, and sharing stories around the table. His warm, larger-than-life personality helped to create the original identity of Seattle. We're, "happy as a clam at high tide", to share the Seattle holiday traditions Ivar taught us; inviting everyone to gather around, while sharing good food, and singing Christmas carols with friends and family.

Everybody Loves Ivar's Chowder

There are several generations of Ivar's Seafood lovers living in the greater Edmonds - Shoreline area, making the Edmonds Ivar's Seafood Bar a busy place. Being able to find Ivar's signature smile, great seafood, and friendship at the local Ivar's Seafood Bar, was delightful. I personally recommend Ivar' of Edmonds, WA, where Carlie and her crew serve fresh helpings of Ivar Haglund's trademark seafood and chowder, along with a genuine "Ivar's" wink and a smile.